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Spill Kit 200

For absorption needs in 200 liter drum warehousing, the industry standard most used for storage. Strategically located in areas of risk, this is an essential tool for using on a spillage substance.
The polyethylene box keeps the absorbent material from knocks, damp and weathering.
Perfect for cleaning up some 200 liters of spilled liquid.

Sheets  200 40 x 50 cm 200gms/m2
10 Socks 1.2 cm x 7.5 m
5 Pillows 30 x 30cm
Bags of polyethylene and vinyl gloves
Box of waterproof polyethylene with  top 425 x 600 x 800mm

Type of absorbent: Only Oil – Universal Yellow

REF: spill02 // Stock: Disponible