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Spill Kit 900

Huge absorption capacity in a practical and economical container. The Big Bag of polypropylene is a practical solution for contaminated absorbents and which is at the same time a container for the material itself. It is waterproof and its size means it can accommodate up to 900 liters of absorbent, it is suitable for warehouses carrying 1000 litres CRG type containers.
Perfect for cleaning up some 900 liters of spilled liquid

Sheets 800 40 x 50 cm 200gms/m2
40 Socks 1.2 cm x 7.5 m
72 Pillows 30 x 30cm
1 SK 35
A Big Bag of polypropylene 90x90x100mm
Bags of polyethylene and vinyl gloves

Type of absorbent: Only Oils – Universal Yellow

REF: spill05 // Stock: Disponible