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Universal Yellow Rolls

Rolls to cover surface areas as required. This format offers the possibility of cutting the amount off according to the quantity of absorbent needed in each situation. These are available in roll widths

Absorbent type: Universal special yellow chemical products
Absorption capacity: Roll 40/50M; 44mtsx50cmx400gms/m2; 150litres of absorption.
Roll 35/50SMS; 44mtsx50cmx350gms/m2; 132litres absorption. Anti fluff tissue on both sides.

Presentation Sizes:
ROLLS 44/50; 44mtsx50cmx400gms/m2. PE bag 1 roll.
ROLLS 35/50SMS; 44mtsx50cmx350gms/m2. PE bag 1 roll.

Application: In laboratories, chemical plants. To recover spillage, protection of large areas.

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